Phone Soap

Phonesoap 3.0 phone sanitizer


Phone Soap

Phonesoap 3.0 phone sanitizer


You charge your phone every day, but do you clean your phone as much?

Make PhoneSoap 3.0 part of your personal hygiene. This is the third generation of the first cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your phone while it charges. Phonesoap kills bacteria and viruses. Now you can augment your daily charge with a sanitizing process. With PhoneSoap, a charged phone is a clean phone.

PLEASE NOTE: This version has EU and UK plugs and can also be used with any regular USB-C charger that you already own.

» UV Sanitizer

» Universal Cell Phone Charger

» Can charge your device while it sanitizes

» 10 minutes sanitizing version

» Fits the iPhone 6s & other large phones

» 2 x 254 nm UV-C Lamps

Why PhoneSoap 3 is the best solution for cleaning your phone?

  • A UV disinfector kills 99.99% of bacteria
  • Fits all phone and case sizes
  • Safely cleans everything that fits inside
  • You can use the acoustic amplifier to hear alarms and notifications
  • Thanks to the two charging ports, it can act as a universal charger for any device

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