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Biohacker's Fortified Immunity Online Course


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Biohacker's Fortified Immunity Online Course


Learn how to strengthen your immune system and how to protect yourself against pathogens in eight days.

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The world is under a threat for a viral pandemic and you might be wondering how to fortify yourself against pathogens. The Biohacker's Fortified Immunity Online course is a comprehensive research-based guide for natural, nutritional and technological prevention against potential pathogens. Protecting yourself from viral and bacterial infections is possible and with the help of this course, you might avoid serious complications. This course does not discuss specifically the avoidance and treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. This course is mainly focused on general fortification of the immune system against common pathogens. All methods presented in this course are based on scientific studies.

In this course we cover the following:

  • Transmission of viral and bacterial diseases
  • Immune system and how it functions
  • Behavioral strategies for strengthening the immune system
  • Nutrients, foods, supplements, and herbs relevant to the immune system
  • Foods and substances that can weaken the immune response
  • Common supplements and drugs that show no promise in infection prevention
  • Technological and practical interventions to prevent infections
  • Air purification and adequate disinfection
  • Detecting an infection with laboratory testing and self-quantification
  • Biohacking air travel and suggestions for a travel kit
  • Food recipes for supporting the immune system


Table of contents

  • You will receive the instructions to your email and all the course material will be available in an easy-to-use online course platform
  • The course will be intensive and you will receive all the information in eight days
  • Each section will open daily with different topics
  • You will receive a very comprehensive, yet condensed information package about fortifying immunity
  • Each section includes related video material
  • In this course, you will be guided by MD Olli Sovijärvi, technology expert Teemu Arina and author Siim Land
  • You can join in the conversation and ask questions in the online course platform
  • This is an ongoing course and you can start anytime

Day 1: Introduction and preparation

  • Introduction to infectious diseases
  • Preparation and reaction

Day 2: Basics of the immune system and defense mechanisms

  • Introduction to immune system
  • Innate immunity
  • Adaptive immunity
  • Factors affecting immunity
  • Biochemical defense systems
  • Fasting, autophagy, and immunity
  • Condition of the gut is the key for optimal immunity

Day 3: Nutrition and micronutrients important for the immune system

  • Why food quality is important
  • Micronutrients important for immune system
  • Top 3 micronutrients and their recommendations
  • Add these foods to your diet

Day 4: Best adaptogenic herbs, supplements and gut supporting nutrients

  • Immune system supporting adaptogens
  • Immune system supporting herbs & spices
  • Immune system and gut supporting supplements

Day 5: Foods, substances and other factors that weaken the immune system

  • Balance is the key to a well-functioning immune system
  • Smoking and immunity
  • Alcohol and immunity
  • Immune system weakening foods
  • Paracetamol and NSAIDs

Day 6: Technological tools against pathogens and stress adaptation

  • Light technologies
  • Air purification and disinfection technologies
  • Heat & cold exposure
  • Hormesis and stress adaptation

Day 7: Environment, practices in contamination and recommended practices in public places

  • Environmental prevention
  • Detecting an infection and symptoms
  • Recommended practices in public places
  • Airtravel during a pandemic

Day 8: Laboratory testing and self-quantification

  • Measuring the condition of the immune system
  • Self-quantification & infections


    This course does not discuss the avoidance and treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. This course is mainly focused on general fortification of the immune system against common pathogens. All methods presented in this course are based on scientific studies.

    Furthermore, this online course and its contents cannot be considered as treatment recommendations, nor does it serve as a medical treatment guide. Always talk to your doctor or therapist about treatments before you start taking any herbs, medicines or other supplements. Some supplements and herbal products may affect the effectiveness of drugs. If necessary, mention to your doctor your dietary supplements and herbal supplements.

    The online course content is intended primarily for self-study material.

    NOTE! If you have significant symptoms in your body, always consult your nearest health care provider or your GP. If you suspect an epidemic is causing the infection, always contact the appropriate healthcare provider first.

    The course authors do not take any health or medical responsibility for the participants.

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