Biohacker Center

Biohacker Summit Video Recording 2018 Stockholm

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Biohacker Center

Biohacker Summit Video Recording 2018 Stockholm

€42,74 – (Price is shown without VAT tax. Final price and shipping calculated at checkout)
Watch top biohacking advice from some of the world's distinguished experts on optimal human performance, health and wellbeing. This video bundle has been carefully crafted for your viewing pleasure: HD quality video recordings with multiple camera angles, mastered audio podcast recordings and presentation materials. These 23 presentations from Biohacker Summit will help you get to the nuts and bolts of what biohacking is all about.

Peak Performance

  • Welcome to Optimal Recovery & Peak Performance
    Curator, Biohacker @ Biohacker Center Teemu Arina (FIN) and Human Augmentation Activist @ Bionyfiken Hannes Sjoblad (SWE)
  • Biohacking for Maximum Intelligence & Performance
    Extreme Biohacker and Serial Entrepreneur @ Mirror AI Serge Faguet (RUS)
  • Becoming Antifragile With the Ketogenic Diet
    Author, Anthropologist, Podcaster and Performance Coach @ Siim Land Coaching Siim Land (EST)
  • The Biochemistry of Optimizing Productivity

    Science Author Martina Johansson, MSc (SWE)

Brain Optimization

  • Mapping & Fixing Your Brain With QEEG & Neurofeedback
    Geronotologist and Neurofeedback Expert @ Peak Brain Institute Dr. Andrew Hill, PhD (USA)
  • Photobiomodulation: Hacking The Brain With Light & Lasers
    Podiatric Clinician @ Erchonia Lasers Europe Robert Sullivan, BSc MSC (IRL)
  • Hacking Motivation: The Force That Drives You Forward
    Professional Biohacker, Podcaster, Author and Speaker @ Flowgrade Max Gotzler (GER)

Optimal Recovery

  • Finding Your Chronotype & Optimal Bedtime
    Wearable Pioneer, Inventor and Scientist @ Oura Health Hannu Kinnunen (FIN)
  • Nutrients for Stress Management
    Licensed Physician and Author @ Biohacker Center Dr. Olli Sovijärvi (FIN)
  • Hacking Your Way To Better Sleep & Life
    HumanOS & Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Medicine Greg Potter, PhD(c) MSc (UK)

Health Optimization

  • Optimal Circulation & Health of Sitting
    Health Inventor and Chair @ Salli Vessi Jalkanen (FIN)
  • Biohacking Your Skeletal Strength
    Football Coach and Founder @ OsteoStrong Jonas Forsberg (SWE)
  • Light for Health & Wellbeing
    Founder @ Fjor Anna Iversen (UK)
  • Meditating In Virtual Reality
    Certified Meditation Teacher and co-founder @ FLOWVR Tristan Gribbin (ISL)
  • Transhuman Vision Enhancement System
    Entrepreneur, Futurist, Physicist and Founder @ INOPTEC Ralf G.J. Knoll (GER)
  • Boost Your Microcircultation for Better Health
    CEO @ BEMER Nordic Nils Kämpe (FIN)

Exponential Biohacking

  • Unleashing the Digital Biology Revolution
    Futurist and Founder @ The Elsa Sotiriadis, PhD (CHE)
  • The Coming Era of Superhumans
    DIY Futurist, Blogger and Podcaster @ ProjectLeven Peter Joosten (NLD)
  • Capital Flow In Health & Wellbeing
    Investor, Strategist and Startup Advisor @ StartUp Health Aki Koivistoinen (FIN)
  • Trialog: Next Frontier of Biohacking & Digital Wellbeing
    Investor @ Margus Uudam (EST)
    Investor @ CApA & Butterfly VC Tanya Marvin-Horowitz (USA)
    Pharmacist and Investor @ Apollo Ventures Alexandra Bause (GER)
    Investor @ Inventure Ekaterina Gianelli (FIN)
  • Huma^ns In Exponential Times
    Nutrition and Wellness Expert @ Biohacker Center & Foodin Jaakko Halmetoja (FIN)


  • Images Beyond Visible
    Naturalist, Evolutionary Biologist and Photographer @ Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet Oleksandr Holovachov (SWE)
  • Sonootropics: Smarter Sounds for a Smarter Brain
    Interdisciplinary Artist, Contemplative Researcher and Sonoceutical Engineer @ Theel Javi Otero (ESP)

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