KTC Labs EMF Reducing Travel Pants Limited Edition

€598,99 €618,00 – (Price is shown without VAT tax. Final price and shipping calculated at checkout)


KTC Labs EMF Reducing Travel Pants Limited Edition

€598,99 €618,00 – (Price is shown without VAT tax. Final price and shipping calculated at checkout)

EMF Reducing Travel Pants Limited Edition

Developed according to the needs of the frequent traveler and tested by many of the most visionary brains in the field of health optimization and biohacking, the limited edition of the EMF Reducing travel pants is the second release of EMF Reducing Clothing by KTC Lab and a Biohacking Bookstore exclusive. Whilst the idea of EMF shielding clothing might not be appealing to everyone, those pants have been created for a clientele, that is spending huge amounts of time in trains and planes and often needs to perform on top directly after arrival. Since one of the few things we know about the results of EMF exposition for sure is a higher stress level, reduced HRV and therefore a reduced capability to sleep and recover properly, those pants are made for the modern road warriors, top athletes and everybody who needs to perform at his personal best after arrival. Endorsed by Teemu Arina, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Joe Mercola, Matt Maruca, Bob Troia, Alex Fergus, Luke Storey, Boomer Anderson, Max Gotzler, Martin Tobias, Dasha Maximov and many more,those slacks are really “Bulletproof” in terms of shielding and comfort. Made of an KTC Lab exclusive EMF Blocking Fabric that has been certified by Prof Pauli of the University of the German Military (Bundeswehr Universität) for shielding 99% of mobile frequencies (D-Net) and 90% of 5G, there is no big need to discuss about the fact if the pants are doing the job as supposed…


This proprietary material, blended with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing the most sophisticated performance apparel, the KTC Lab pants combine state of the art EMF shielding with maximum breathability and more or less carefree free surface.
The outer material that’s easy to wipe off is slightly antimicrobial and due to a 4-Way stretch incredibly comfortable to wear. Having in mind the needs of frequent
travelers, the pants are also easy to wash, quick-drying and have been tested on
many hundred thousand miles on plains and trains. 

The current edition of the EMF Reducing Travel Pants is coming in European sizing (48-54) and is limited to 12 pieces. The pants are a long-term investment in protecting health in some of the most hostile environments mankind has created: Being trapped in a faradays cage with low EMF from board power supply, Wi-Fi, hundreds of mobiles trying to connect, Bluetooth and on the plane also with high altitude radiation.


  • 4-Way Stretch EMF Shielding outer material
  • 4-Way stretch Liner to protect the skin biome against the antimicrobial effects of the silver woven into the outer material
  • Grounding connector that allows connecting to the plane before start and departure based on Dr. Joe Mercolas request and also allows to use the pants for earthing grounding purposes in conjunction with suitable earthing grounding rods or adaptors

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When you are purchacing pants let us know what is your size. Size 48 sold out.

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